How to login into Oracle

The Oracle server is available on ora-srv. There are several ways of using it at the University, from:

This page also looks at:

Which Server?

From 2019/20 the Oracle server will run on ora-srv, which is running version 19c. All database modules will use Oracle 19c, which is a Container database. Oracle 12c will still available on oradb-srv for a short time, to allow any summer project students to complete.

Using Oracle from the Client

All the FSE labs now run the client software for accessing Oracle. For these you need to know your Oracle username and password (different from the username and password you use to logon to the computer labs). Typically your username on Oracle is your student number preceded by OPS$. That is, if your student number is 0912345 then your Oracle username will be OPS$0912345.

To start the SQL*Plus client software in the FSE labs, use Apps Anywhere and search for oracle. This will include three Oracle applications, the one you need to use is "SQL*Plus".

When using SQL*Plus it will ask for the following:


your Oracle username
(your University username preceded with OPS$)

followed by: @ora19c

For example: OPS$0912345@ora19c


your Oracle password

Please note: Usernames are not case sensitive, but Passwords are.

Things to Note

If you use Oracle from mi-linux, your user files are mounted from a central server. These are separate from the documents you can see from your "My Documents" folder.

If you are a project student, remember the Oracle licence is for academic and research use only. That is, it can not be used for any commercial activity. Any student contravening this will have their Oracle account suspended and will be reported to the school management. If you are in any doubt if your project falls in this category, please contact the Oracle DBA first.

Common problems

Problem: When you login to mi-linux, you get the above message. To confirm this is the problem type:
and the system will respond with just
mi-linux loads your user files from a University file server. If you are a non-FSE student taking a database module, then you may not have an account on the FSE servers.

Action: Contact your module leader to get a FSE account created, or try the Web Registration Program.

If you get the following error message when trying to login to Oracle:

ERROR: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

Problem: It means either you have provided the wrong username or password, or that you have not been registered on Oracle to use it.

Action: See how to get an Oracle account, to either get a new account, or this program will also tell you what your original password was, if you have forgotten it.

If you get the following error message when trying to login to Oracle:

ERROR: ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

Problem: It means you have forgotten to add the "@ora19c" after your username when logging in

Action: See how to login above.

Problem: It means you have exceeded the size limit of the files you have in your account. If you have downloaded a lot of pictures etc. from the web, then you can quite quickly exceed this. You can still login to Oracle, but you will not be able to save any queries or results.

Action: The only way round this is to delete some files!

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