How to get an Oracle Account

The program is accessed from:

Step One

Login with your University Username and Password.

Step Two

Once logged in, it will list the available module codes. Ensure you pick the correct module code, since some modules have different access requirements.

Your username/password will appear on the screen and will be emailed to you if you have a student account.

If not do not have a current student email account, please make a note of the Oracle Username and Password.

Step Three

Once logged into Oracle (see How to login to Oracle if you don't know how), if you want to change your password to something different, type:


It will ask for your old password first, before you can set a new one.

Note, once you change your password, if you forget it we can only reset it to the original password.


Your Oracle account is only valid for the current academic year. You will be deregistered after the summer resit period. Should you need access after this time for any reason, please email the Oracle DBA, explaining why you need your account to be kept open.

See How to Login to Oracle, on the various ways you can access your account.