Using Oracle From Home

These techniques can also be used from any University lab.

There are several ways of using Oracle from home:

Oracle can also be accessed from the Web in a variety of other ways, see Interfacing Databases from the Web for examples.

Logging in from the mi-linux server (Home or University)

The University has a number of Unix and Linux machines (server). Oracle runs on the ora-srv server, however, users can not login directly to this server. Instead, the new Oracle database can be accessed from the mi-linux server.

The servers can be assessed using SSH (Secure SHell) software, SSH is preferred over protocols such as telnet since it is a securer protocol. This method can be used either from home, or from the University's computer labs. Note, non-secure telnet access is no longer allowed on these servers.

From home, you need a broadband connection or dial-up service. If using dial-up, login to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) first.

From the University

The process of using Oracle from the server involves using a putty session. To start a session:

From Home

Oracle can also be used from the mi-linux server. In this case you need a Secure Shell client, such as putty or any other software that supports SSH.

There are a number of different SSH clients available on the Internet; putty is one of the more straightforward ones to use.

Accessing the Server 

If you have not logged into mi-linux, see accessing mi-linux for information on how to do this.

Note, login into using your University student number and password (not your Oracle username and password).

Starting Oracle


Login using your Oracle username and password.
For the username, do not forget to append @ora19c, e.g., OPS$0912345@ora19c

Loading the sample database on the server

If you have not loaded the sample database previously (e.g., in a Workshop session), it can also be loaded from the server.

from the mi-linux$ prompt type:

Note this only needs to be run once.

You do not need to run it if you have already loaded the sample database previously, or from the Windows environment.

If you are one of the students who insists on running it every time, you will simply keep losing any amendments you have made to the sample tables!

File Transfer

The files saved on the server, will be saved on the mi-linux server, not in your My Documents folder. If you wish to transfer the files from either environment, you need to use a File Transfer Tool (FTP) that supports secure sockets, such as Firezilla.

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