SSH Clients - Putty

Accessing the mi-linux server

You must use a Secure Shell (SSH) to access and in the University labs, putty can be used to provide this access. A putty client is freely available on the web if you need a copy for home use and will run as a standalone executable, even on a memory stick.

If you do not have a copy of putty.exe:

Once the putty.exe file is downloaded:

Logging into the Server 

After starting putty the following window will appear:

Putty login window

Do note:

  • Ensure that the SSH button is clicked under Protocol
  • Type in the Host Name
  • Click on Open to start.

The first time you use this, you will probably get the following Security Alert:

Putty Security Alert

Click on Yes to proceed

Putty login screen

When prompted with “login as”, login with your normal username/password

Username & Passwords:

  • This is the username/password you use to logon to a PC in a University lab. The username is your 7-digit student number.
  • Remember to press return after entering the username and password
  • Note, the password (or any asterisks) will not be echoed on the screen

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