Description of the illustration admin060.eps

The image admin.060.gif shows how jobs, programs, and schedules are related. The figure represents at the top level ten programs (P1 through P10; P4 through P7 are represented by ellipses); at the middle level, 24 jobs (J1 through J24; J5 through J19 are represented by ellipses); and at the bottom level, four schedules (S1 through S4).

At the program level, P1 is associated with J1 and J2. P2 is not associated with any jobs. P3 is associated with J3. P8 is associated with J20, and P10 is associated with J21, J22, and J23.

At the schedule level, S1 is associated with J1 and J2 (and thus with P1) and J3 (and thus with P3). S2 is not associated with any jobs. S3 is associated with J20 (and thus P8), J21 and J22 (and thus with P10). S4 is associated with J24 (but not with any programs).

End of image description.