Description of the illustration admin080.eps

This image depicts a chain of steps, with a BEGIN icon at the left, an END icon at the right, and three different branches that connect the BEGIN and END points. Steps along the branches are indicated by a step icon. Immediately to the right the BEGIN icon is Step 1, with an arrow pointing from BEGIN to Step 1. From Step 1, three branches emerge that head toward the END icon. Two branches have multiple icons along them, where each icon represents a step. Right-pointing arrows connect the steps along a branch, indicating the order that the steps are run. The third branch has no steps after Step 1, and goes right to END. One of the other branches with steps on it momentary branches itself into two branches, which merge back into the single branch before proceeding to END.

Focusing on one branch, the branch goes like this: BEGIN, Step1, Step 3, Step 5, END.