Description of the illustration exp_control_files_page.gif

This is a screenshot of the Control Files page in EM Express. At the top left is the title of the page. To the right of the title is the Backup to Trace button. To the far right is the Page Refreshed field, which show the time that the page was last refreshed.

Below the page title is the Control File Information section. In this screenshot, this section includes the following fields and values:

Below the Control File Information section is the List of Control Files section. This table has four columns, which are the File Names, File Directory, Created in Flash Recovery Area, and File Size columns. The screenshot shows the values for these columns for the two control files for the current database.

To the right of the Control File Information and List of Control Files section is the Control Files section. This section is a table with the Type, Total Record Count, Used Record Count, Record Size, and Section Size columns. There is also a search field that you can use to enter the type that you are searching for. The types that are displayed in the table are: