Description of the illustration row6_sqlta_tun_results.gif

This is a screen shot of the Tuning Result for SQL page in EM Express. The top left side of the page includes the page name, Tuning Result for SQL. To the right of the page name is the Save button. To the far right the Page Refreshed field shows when the page was last refreshed.

On the left below the page name is the SQL Details section. This includes the following fields and values:

To the right of the Status section is the SQL Text section, which includes the text of the SQL statement.

The Select Recommendation table appears at the bottom of the page. Above the table, the "Only one recommendation should be implemented" sentence appears. Below that sentence the View Details and Implement buttons appear. On the right, just above the table, the Search field for the table appears.

The columns in the table (from left to right) are Type, Findings, and Benefit(%).

There is one row in the table, and that row of the table has these values:

In this screen shot, the Alternative Plan row in the table is selected.