Changes in This Release for Oracle XML DB Developer's Guide

This preface contains descriptions of changes in Oracle XML DB for recent releases of Oracle Database.

Changes in Oracle Database Release 18c, Version 1, for Oracle XML DB

The changes in Oracle Database Release 18c, Version 1, for Oracle XML DB are described.

New Features

There are no new features for Oracle XML DB in this release.

Deprecated Features

The following features are deprecated in this release, and may be desupported in a future release.

  • PL/SQL package DBMS_XMLQUERY. Use package DBMS_XMLGEN instead.

  • PL/SQL package DBMS_XMLSAVE. Use package DBMS_XMLSTORE instead.

Desupported Features

The following features are desupported in this release.

  • PL/SQL subprograms generateSchema and generateSchemas in package DBMS_XMLSCHEMA. There are no replacements for these subprograms.

  • The following subprograms in package DBMS_XDB. Use the subprograms with the same names in package DBMS_XDBCONFIG instead.

    • addhttpexpiremapping

    • addmimemapping

    • addschemalocmapping

    • addservlet

    • addservletmapping

    • addservletsecrole

    • addxmlextension

    • cfg_get

    • cfg_refresh

    • cfg_update

    • deletehttpexpiremapping

    • deletemimemapping

    • deleteschemalocmapping

    • deleteservlet

    • deleteservletmapping

    • deleteservletsecrole

    • deletexmlextension

    • getftpport

    • gethttpport

    • getlistenerendpoint

    • setftpport

    • sethttpport

    • setlistenerendpoint

    • setlistenerlocalaccess

  • The following constants in package DBMS_XDB. Use the constants with the same name in package DBMS_XDBCONFIG instead.

    • xdb_endpoint_http

    • xdb_endpoint_http2

    • xdb_protocol_tcp

    • xdb_protocol_tcps

  • All Oracle-specific SQL functions for updating XML data. Use XQuery Update instead. These are the desupported XML-updating functions:

    • updateXML

    • insertChildXML

    • insertChildXMLbefore

    • insertChildXMLafter

    • insertXMLbefore

    • insertXMLafter

    • appendChildXML

    • deleteXML

  • Oracle XQuery functions ora:matches and ora:replace. Use the corresponding standard XQuery functions instead, that is, the functions with the same names but with namespace prefix fn: fn:matches and fn:replace.

  • The following Oracle constructs that provide support for XML translations are desupported. There is no replacement for any of these constructs.


    • Oracle XPath function ora:translate

    • XML Schema annotations xdb:maxOccurs, xdb:srclang, and xdb:translate

  • The following XML Schema annotations are desupported. There is no replacement for any of these annotations.

    • xdb:defaultTableSchema

    • xdb:maintainOrder

    • xdb:mapUnboundedStringToLob

    • xdb:maxOccurs

    • xdb:SQLCollSchema

    • xdb:SQLSchema

    • xdb:srclang

    • xdb:translate

  • The value xml_clobs for export parameter data_options. There is no replacement for this parameter.