Description of the illustration edit_policy–general

The screenshot shows the Edit Policy Set: General page, which is the first page in the Policy Set Editor wizard. The descriptive text under the page title says "This wizard creates the Policy Set that configures the system structure, performance classes and policies for QoS management." The descriptive text under the heading Server Pool Directive says "Server Pool Directives are availability parameters for cluster administration to keep the hosted workloads (performance classes) highly available." This text is following by an information icon that you can click to obtain more information from the online Help system.

In the Server Pool Directive section, there is a table with nine columns. The columns are titled Details, Server Pool, Services, Violation(s), Server Pool Size:Min, Server Pool Size:Max, Server Pool Size:Current, Importance, and Manage.

The table displayed in the screenshot has three rows. The following list describes the row values from left to right within each row, with the rows listed in order from top to bottom:

At the bottom of the table, on the left-hand side if the following information: "TIP -1 for Max indicates whole cluster".

End of description.