Description of the illustration edit_policy-performance_classes

The screenshot shows the Performance Classes page of the Edit Policy Set wizard. The descriptive text for this page says "Performance Classes are a collection of work requests for which performance objectives wish to be set." This text is followed by an information icon that you can click to get more information from the online Help system.

Below the descriptive text is a row of four buttons. They are labeled, from left to right, Add Performance Class, Edit Performance Class, Rename Performance Class, and Delete Performance Class.

Below the buttons is a table of Performance Classes, ordered by cluster. On top of the left-hand side of the table is a set of links. The first is Expand All, the second is Collapse All. The table has two columns: Select and Cluster/Performance Class/Classifiers.

The table shown in the screenshot has eight rows. The first row contains the cluster name (RWSBI0508-MB1) and the Select option button is selected. The cluster name has been expanded to show the available Performance Classes for that cluster. Each Performance Class appears on a separate row in the table. None of the Performance Classes have been expanded to show the Classifiers defined for that Performance Class. None of the Performance Classes have been selected. The Performance Classes listed in the table are salestest_pc, employee_pc, salesdev_pc, sales_pc, Default_pc, salescart_pc, and hrcmrpt_pc.

End of description.