1 Introduction to Oracle Database Security

Oracle Database provides a rich set of default security features to manage user accounts, authentication, privileges, application security, encryption, network traffic, and auditing.

About Oracle Database Security

You can use the default Oracle Database features to configure security in several areas for your Oracle Database installation.

The areas in which you can configure security are as follows:

In addition, Keeping Your Oracle Database Secure, provides guidelines that you should follow when you secure your Oracle Database installation.

Additional Oracle Database Security Resources

In addition to the security resources described in this guide, Oracle Database provides several other database security products.

These products are as follows:

  • Oracle Advanced Security. See Oracle Database Advanced Security Guide for information about Transparent Data Encryption and Oracle Data Redaction.

  • Oracle Label Security. Oracle Label Security applies classification labels to data, allowing you to filter user access to data at the row level. See Oracle Label Security Administrator’s Guide for detailed information about Oracle Label Security.

  • Oracle Database Vault. Oracle Database Vault provides fine-grained access control to your sensitive data, including protecting data from privileged users. Oracle Database Vault Administrator’s Guide describes how to use Oracle Database Vault.

  • Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall. Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall collects database audit data from sources such as Oracle Database audit trail tables, database operating system audit files, and database redo logs. Using Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, you can create alerts on suspicious activities, and create reports on the history of privileged user changes, schema modifications, and even data-level access.

  • Oracle Enterprise User Security. Oracle Enterprise User Security enables you to manage user security at the enterprise level. Oracle Database Enterprise User Security Administrator's Guide explains how to configure Oracle Enterprise User Security.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Data Masking and Subsetting Pack. Data Masking and Subsetting Pack helps reduce this risk by irreversibly replacing the original sensitive data with fictitious data so that production data can be shared safely with IT developers or offshore business partners. See Oracle Database Testing Guide for additional information.

In addition to these products, you can find the latest information about Oracle Database security, such as new products and important information about security patches and alerts, by visiting the Security Technology Center on Oracle Technology Network at