6.4 Real-Time Scoring

Oracle Data Mining SQL functions enable prediction, clustering, and feature extraction analysis to be easily integrated into live production and operational systems. Because mining results are returned within SQL queries, mining can occur in real time.

With real-time scoring, point-of-sales database transactions can be mined. Predictions and rule sets can be generated to help front-line workers make better analytical decisions. Real-time scoring enables fraud detection, identification of potential liabilities, and recognition of better marketing and selling opportunities.

The query in the following example uses a Decision Tree model named dt_sh_clas_sample to predict the probability that customer 101488 uses an affinity card. A customer representative can retrieve this information in real time when talking to this customer on the phone. Based on the query result, the representative can offer an extra-value card, since there is a 73% chance that the customer uses a card.

Example 6-12 Real-Time Query with Prediction Probability

SELECT PREDICTION_PROBABILITY(dt_sh_clas_sample, 1 USING *) cust_card_prob
       FROM mining_data_apply_v
       WHERE cust_id = 101488;