Description of the illustration dbr.gif

The Database Replay page is shown.

On the right of the page, the following text appears: Page Refreshed Oct 1, 2013 3:51:21 PM PDT. The Refresh button is to the right of the text.

The following text on the left of the page: "Database Replay enables you to effectively test system changes in test environments by replaying a full production workload on a test system to determine the overall impact of the change. Database Replay captures your production workload and maintains all its characteristics such as timing and concurrency. Database Replay workload capture is performed at the database server level and therefore can be used to assess the impact of any change which might affect database performance such as parameter changes, patching, storage migrations and database upgrades."

A diagram overview of database replay appears to the right of the text on the left.

At the bottom of the page are two tabs: Captured Workloads and Replay Tasks. The Replay Tasks tab is open, and has a table with the following columns: Name, Status, Owner, Replays, Consolidated Replay, Creation Date, and Description. The two rows that appear in the table have values for all of the columns except the Status and Description columns. The following user controls appear above the table: View, Create, Edit, and Delete.

End of description.