Description of the illustration dbr_capture_schedule.gif

On the right of the page, the following text appears: Step 5 of 6. The Back button appears to the left of the text, and the Next and Cancel buttons appear to the right of the text.

The following text appears: "Schedule start time and duration for capture."

Next to Start, the following options are listed:

Next to Duration, the following options are listed:

Under the Automatic Workload Repository section, the following text appears:

"Exporting of AWR data during capture enables performance comparison of the database between capture and replay. Because AWR data exportation can have a significant impact on the production system, it should be scheduled at a time that will not negatively impact the production system. Selecting "Immediately" will schedule AWR data to be exported immediately after capture is complete (as scheduled in the subsequent Schedule step)."

Below this text are Start Immediately and Start Later radio buttons. The Later radio button has a field to input the time. The Start Immediately field is selected.

End of description.