Description of the illustration dbr_replay_client.gif

The heading Replay Workload: Wait for Client Connections appears on the upper left portion of the page. Below the heading are values for the Database, Replay Name, and Logged In As fields.

The upper right portion of the page states "Step 7 of 8." The Cancel and Back buttons appear to the left of this text, and a Next button appears to the right of this text.

The following text appears below the aforementioned items: "After all the Replay Clients have connected, proceed to the next step to continue the replay setup."

A turning progress clock appears below this text with the following explanatory information: "The database is preparing to accept connections from Replay Clients."

On separate line below this, the following text appears: "This operation may take some time to complete. If you close the browser window or navigate to a different page, your place in the replay process will not be saved."

End of description.