Description of the illustration dbr_replay_create_task.gif

Buttons on the upper right side of the page are Submit and Cancel.

Two input fields that appear on the left side of the page are Name and Description. NewEmpReplay appears in the Name field.

In the Workloads section below this, the text reads as follows:

"Select a capture to be replayed. You can select multiple captures to do a consolidated replay. By default, the replays for a consolidated replay will start at the same time."

A table appears below the text with these columns: Select, Name, Status, Database Name, Database Version, Workload Duration (hh:mm:ss), Database Time (hh:mm:ss), Workload Analyzer Report, User Calls, and Concurrent Capture Name. Four rows appear in the table with entries for each column, except for the Workload Analyzer Report, which has the eyeglass icon links to access the report.

End of description.