Description of the illustration dbr_replay_prep_clients.gif

The heading Replay Workload: Prepare Replay Clients appears on the upper left portion of the page. Below the heading are values for the Database, Replay Name, and Logged In As fields.

The upper right portion of the page states "Step 6 of 8." The Cancel and Back buttons appear to the left of this text, and a Next button appears to the right of this text.

Below this section is a line of text that reads "Specify the list of Replay Clients below that Enterprise Manager should start automatically. You can also start more Replay Clients manually in the next step. Refer to the Oracle Database Testing Guide for information on how to set up and start the Replay Clients."

Below this text is the Number of Replay Clients and CPU Core section. It starts with a line of text that reads "The number of Replay Clients needed to replay the workload depends on the number of captured database sessions. Click the Estimate button to find the estimated number of Replay Clients and CPU cores needed."

Two fields appear below that line of text. The Total Number of Replay Clients Needed field shows a value of 2, and the Estimate button is to the right of that field. Below it is the Total Number of CPU Cores Needed field, which shows a value of 2.

Below that is a line of text that reads "Consider starting at least 2 Replay Client(s) divided among 2 CPU Cores(s).

Below that line of text is the Replay Clients Host section. Is starts with a line of text that reads "If the Replay Client has been installed on one or more targets, Enterprise Manager can start the Replay Clients automatically. Specify the list of Replay Clients to start automatically when you continue to the next step. You must configure each Replay Client Host before proceeding.

Below that line of text is a Last Updated field that displays a time of Sep 19, 2012 12:02:00 PM PDT, and to the right of that time is a Refresh button.

Below the time field is a table with 9 column headings. The column headings (from left to right) are Select, Target, Number of Replay Clients, Configured, Status, Number of CPU Cores, Memory Size (MB), CPU Utilization %, and Memory Utilization %. The value "(No Replay Client hosts specified)" appears in the Target column. No values appear in any of the other columns of the table.

Below the table is the Add Replay Client Hosts button.

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