Description of the illustration sqc_key_sql_profiles.gif

This screenshot shows the Task Status section and the Recommendations section of the Automatic SQL Tuning Result Details: SQLs with Key SQL Profile page.

The Recommendations section appears below the Task Status section, at the bottom of the screenshot.

Below the title of the Recommendations section, the "Only profiles that significantly improve SQL performance were implemented" text appears.

Below that sentence three buttons appear (from left to right): View Recommendations, Implement All SQL Profiles, and Validate All Profiles with SPA. The cursor is pointing at the Validate All Profiles with SPA button.

Below the buttons the screenshot shows a table with eight columns. From left to right, the column headings are Select, SQL Text, Parsing Schema, SQL ID, Weekly DB Time Benefit(sec), Per-Execution % Benefit, Statistics, and SQL Profile.

Two rows appear in the table. All of the columns in the rows have values, except for the Statistics column, which is blank in both rows.

End of description.