V$SYS_TIME_MODEL displays the system-wide accumulated times for various operations. The time reported is the total elapsed or CPU time (in microseconds). Any timed operation will buffer at most 5 seconds of time data. Specifically, this means that if a timed operation (such as SQL execution) takes a long period of time to perform, the data published to this view is at most missing 5 seconds of the time accumulated for the operation.

The time values are 8-byte integers and can therefore hold approximately 580,000 years worth of time before wrapping. Background process time is not included in a statistic value unless the statistic is specifically for background processes.

Column Datatype Description



Statistic identifier for the time statistic



Name of the statistic (see Table 9-1)



Amount of time (in microseconds) that the system has spent in this operation



The ID of the container to which the data pertains. Possible values include:

  • 0: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to the entire CDB. This value is also used for rows in non-CDBs.

  • 1: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to only the root

  • n: Where n is the applicable container ID for the rows containing data


This view returns instance-wide data and a value of 0 in the CON_ID column when queried from the root of a CDB.