The Pluggable Databases page, appears when you upgrade container databases (CDB). The screen shows a navigation path on the left side, and in the center of the screen, a seven column table, which displays pluggable databases (PDBs) attached to the CDB. There are as many rows in this table as you have PDBs in the CDB. The seven columns are as follows:

A checkbox column. Select PDBs that you want to upgrade by checking the boxes for the rows listing the PDBs that you want to upgrade.

A PDB column. This column shows the name of each PDB.

A Status column, which displays the status of the database in each row.

An Open Mode column, which indicates if the database in each row is in MOUNTED, READ ONLY, or READ WRITE status.

A Version column, which indicates the release and patch number of the pluggable database in each row.

A Restricted column, which lists whether or not the database in each row is accessible only to users with the RESTRICTED SESSION privilege in the PDB

A priority column, which lists in what priority order the PDBs in the table are upgraded, if you have set upgrade priority previously.

At the bottom of the page are Help, Back, Next, and Cancel buttons.