The Configure Network page enables you to select listeners to migrate to the new database. The Listener Selection area shows a table with the listeners for the target Oracle home that are registered from the source Oracle home. For the registered listeners, the table has the following columns: a selection column, which has a box; Name, which shows listener names; Port, which shows the port where the listener is configured to listen; Oracle home, which shows the oracle home path for the listener; Status, which shows if the listener is up or down; and Migrate. Click the migrate box and select either yes (to migrate) or no (to not migrate.

Below the Listener Selection table, you can select if you want to create a new listener. If you select to create a new listener, then you are prompted to provide a listener name, a listener port, and the Oracle home where you want the listener to be configured. The bottom of the page shows Help, Back, Next, and Cancel buttons.

Click Next when you have completed your selections.