The Upgrade Progress page shows the Oracle Database upgrade progress. It displays a table with the following columns

A progress column, which indicates which step is being carried out

A Steps column, which contains rows that list the steps that are being carried out, and where they are being carried out.

A time column, indicating the time duration

A status column, which indicates the status of each upgrade step.

Below the table is a display that shows the upgrade log file output as the upgrade is performed. There is a text string below this log output on the left side that indicates how many errors may have occurred during the upgrade. On the right side, there are buttons for Retry and Ignore, which you can use if an error causes the upgrade to pause for a response. to the right of these buttons is a Pause button, which enables you to pause the upgrade manually.

Below the Errors number report and the buttions, there is a text field where errors are displayed, if errors occur during the upgrade.

Finally, there are the standard windows navigation tree on the left side. Below the navigation tree is a Help button. On the right side, there are buttons for Back, Next, Finish, and Cancel. While the upgrade is running, the Back, Next, and Finish buttons are disabled.

The bottom of the page has Help and Cancel buttons active