This guide provides a compilation of topics from the Oracle Database user assistance documentation that are collected to help you complete a specific use case scenario.

Use Case Scenario for this Document

Use this scenario document to assist you to upgrade a single-instance on-premises Oracle Database on the same server using either Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) in interactive mode, or the manual command-line method.

Prerequisites for this Scenario

Determine that you do not have applications or security measures that require you to carry out additional tasks not covered in this simple upgrade document.

Outline for this Scenario

  1. Checking Compatibility Before Upgrading Oracle Database. Ensure that you can update your earlier release Oracle Database to the new Oracle Database release.

  2. Preparing to Upgrade Oracle Database. Complete this minimal list of preupgrade checks.

  3. Upgrading Oracle Database. Use DBUA, or perform a manual upgrade.

  4. Post-Upgrade Tasks for Oracle Database. Complete this minimal list of post-upgrade checks.

These steps correspond to the chapters in this document.

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