Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Utilities

This preface lists changes in Oracle Database Utilities for Oracle Database 18c.

Changes in Oracle Database 19c

This topic lists changes in Oracle Database Utilities for Oracle Database 19c.


This preface is discontinued. Refer to Oracle Database New Features Guide for information about new features, and refer to Oracle Database Upgrade Guide for information about deprecated and desupported features.

New Features

New Features topic provides the information about the features that are new in this release.

The following features are new in this release:

  • Oracle LogMiner

    The CONTINUOUS_MINE functionality of the LogMiner package is obsolete. It was deprecated in Oracle Database 12c release 2 (12.2). There is no replacement functionality.


    In managed cloud services such as Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software (EECS) and Oracle Data Warehouse Cloud Service (DWCS), users do not have access to the operating system. They only have access to the database service. Loading data and migrating customers from on-premise to such a service is difficult. Customers can upload their Data Pump dump files to the object store and load them into the database using the new object store REST APIs. Impdp client CLI now accepts a new command line parameter called credential.

    The credential parameter is the name of the credential object that contains the user name and password required to access the object store. When a user connects to the database to run impdp, the Datapump layer validates if the credential exists and the user has access to read the credential. If there are any errors, an error is returned back to the impdp client.

  • Oracle Data Pump Export and Import

    • The DBAs can now import tablespace files mounted on two different databases as long as the files are set as read-only. KEEP_READ_ONLY and NO_BITMAP_REBUILD are added as TRANSPORTABLE parameter values.

    • The DBAs can now more easily determine how long an export is going to take and discover unforeseen issues not reported by the closure check. The Data Pump Export command-line mode TTS_CLOSURE_CHECK parameter is used to indicate the degree of closure checking to be performed as part of a Data Pump transportable tablespace operation.

    • A new transform parameter, OMIT_ENCRYPTION_CLAUSE is introduced that causes Oracle Data Pump to suppress any encryption clauses associated with objects using encrypted columns.

    • A changed parameter, MAX_DATAPUMP_JOBS_PER_PDB can provide DBAs more control over resource utilization when there are multiple users performing data pump jobs in a given database environment. Default: 100, Range: 0 to 250 or Auto - 50% of SESSIONS.

      A new parameter, MAX_DATAPUMP_PARALLEL_PER_JOB is introduced that provides the database administrators more control over resource utilization when there are multiple users performing data pump jobs in a given database environment.

  • Oracle External Tables

    You can now create partitioned hybrid tables using ORACLE_LOADER access driver.

Desupported Features

The following features are desupported in this release.

The following features are desupported in this release:

  • CONTINUOUS_MINE feature of LogMiner

    The CONTINUOUS_MINE option for the dbms_logmnr.start_logmnr package is desupported in Oracle Database 19c (19.1), and is no longer available.

  • Oracle Streams

    Starting with Oracle Database 19c, Oracle Streams is desupported. Oracle GoldenGate is the replication solution for the Oracle database.

Changes in Oracle Database 18c

This topic lists changes in Oracle Database Utilities for Oracle Database 18c

Oracle Data Pump, Export, and Import

  • The Data Pump Import DATA_OPTIONS parameter has a new CONTINUE_LOAD_ON_FORMAT_ERROR option. If Data Pump encounters a stream format error when loading table data, Data Pump attempts to skip forward to find the start of the next row and continue loading that data from that location.

  • For security purposes, Data Pump handles fixed user database links with passwords differently. For additional information, see Using Transparent Data Encryption with Other Oracle Features

  • Starting with Oracle Database 18c, you can include the unified audit trail in either full or partial export and import operations using Oracle Data Pump. For additional information, see Data Pump Components.

  • As of Oracle Database 18c, XML_CLOB option of the Export DATA_OPTIONS parameter is desupported.

Oracle LogMiner

  • The UTL_FILE_DIR initialization parameter is desupported. It is still supported for backward compatibility, but Oracle recommends that you instead use directory objects. This desupport affects extracting LogMiner dictionaries to flat files. See Extracting the LogMiner Dictionary to a Flat File.


  • The DATA_OPTIONS parameter of the DBMS_DATAPUMP.SET_PARAMETER procedure has a new option, KU$_DATAOPT_CONT_LOAD_ON_FMT_ERR. This option tells Data Pump to continue loading data from the next row if it encounters stream format errors in the table data.

External Tables

  • External tables can be used as inline external tables in SQL statements, thus eliminating the need to create an external table as a persistent database object in the data dictionary.