Description of the illustration problem_details.gif

The screenshot shows the Incident Manager Problem Details page for Problem: ORA 700 [EVENT_CREATED_INCIDENT] [942] [TESTTABLE].

The title of the page is Incident Manager. Below the title are the locator links Incident Manager > Problem Details. At the top right of the page is the label Page Refreshed with the value Mar 1, 2012 9:45:34 AM CST.

Below the locator links is the problem key: Problem: ORA 700 [EVENT_CREATE_INCIDENT][942][TESTTABLE] preceded by a Critical icon.

The tabs on the page are General (selected), Incidents, My Oracle Support Knowledge, Updates, and Related Problems.

In the Problem Details section are the following label-value pairs:

In the Tracking section are the following buttons: Acknowledge, Clear..., Add Comment..., Manage..., More. The section has the following label-value pairs:

The Guided Resolution section has the following groups:

Under Diagnostics is the link Support Workbench: Problem Details.

Under Actions is the link Support Workbench: Package Diagnostic.

End of description.