Description of the illustration sql_plan_load.gif

The SQL Plan Control page is shown.

The Cancel and OK buttons are on the top right.

The Load SQL Plan Baselines section is shown. The text is, "Plans can be bulk loaded from either an existing SQL Tuning Set or directly from the cursor cache.". The Load plans from SQL Tuning Set (STS) option is selected. Under it are two SQL Tuning Set fields, which have a period between the. The fields are empty. To the right of the fields is a Search icon (magnifying glass). The Load Plans from Cursor Cache option is not selected. Under the option is the SQL ID field, which is empty. To the right of the field is a Search icon (magnifying glass).

In the Job Parameters section, the Job Name field contains SPM_LOAD_20120221_141313. The Description field is empty.

In the Schedule section, the Immediately option is selected. The Later option is not selected. Below the Later option, the Time Zone list has the value (UTC +00:00) Universal Time. The Date field has Feb 21, 2012. The Time lists show 2:13:00 PM.

End of description.