Description of the illustration sts_load_methods.gif

The Create SQL Tuning Set: Load Methods page is shown.

The value for the Database label is empdb. The Finish, Cancel, Back, and Next buttons are shown. Between the Back and Next button the value "Step 2 of 5" is shown.

A sentence says the following: Pick one of the load methods to collect and load SQL statements into the SQL tuning set. Two options are possible. The option selected is Incrementally capture active SQL statements over a period of time from the cursor cache. The description of the option says: Specify the duration within which the SQL statements will be collected, and specify frequency over which the active SQL statements from the cursor cache will be collected repeatedly. The Duration fields show 24 hours. The Frequency fields show 5 minutes. The deselected option is Load SQL statements one time only. The Data Source list shows Cursor Cache selected.

End of description.