Description of the illustration top_act.gif

The Top Actions section is displayed.

The View list displays Top Actions.

The table contains the following columns: Activity (%), Service, Module, Action. The Activity data is presented as a horizontal bar chart with attached number. The data in the other columns is presented as links.

The table contains eight rows. The rows have the following values:

Row 1: 40.3, SYS$USERS, SQL*Plus, SALES_INFO.

Row 2: 39.55, SYS$USERS, SQL*Plus, EMP_DML.

Row 3: 11.19, SYS$BACKGROUND, null, and null.

Row 4: 4.48, SYS$USERS, SQL*Plus, EMP_Query.

Row 5: 1.49, SYS$USERS, null, null.

Row 6: 0.75, SYS$BACKGROUND, MMON_SLAVE, Maintain BSLN Thresholds.

Row 7: 0.75, emtst, OEM.SystemPool, NotificationMgr.

Row 8: 0.75, SYS$BACKGROUND, MMON_SLAVE, Auto-Flush Slave Action.

End of description.