Description of the illustration sts_homepage.jpg

This screen shot shows a section of a Cloud Control page. The heading is "SQL Tuning Sets." Below and to the right is the Refresh button. Below and to the left is the following text: "A SQL Tuning Set is a collection of SQL Statements that can be used for tuning purposes." Below is a Search box with a Go button to the right. Below the search box is the text "Filter on a name or partial name." Below and to the right are the buttons "Create," and "Import From A File." Underneath is the following row of buttons: Details, Drop, Copy To A Database, Export To A File, Schedule SQL Tuning Advisor, Schedule SQL Access Advisor. Underneath is a table with the following columns: Select, Name, Schema, Description, SQL Count, Created, and Lost Modified. The first row is: (selected), SQLT_WKLD_STS, SH, (null), 5, 10/4/12 12:53 PM, 10/4/12 12:53 PM.