AutoUpgrade Messages and Process Description Terms

To understand how your upgrade checks and operations are proceeding, learn about the AutoUpgrade utility messages that are generated as the utility runs.

Overview of AutoUpgrade Job

An AutoUpgrade Job is a unit of work associated with an upgrade, which is identified by a job identifier (jobid).

A job represents a set of actions that AutoUpgrade performs. Each job goes through a set of stages to accomplish its purpose. The job is identified by a unique positive integer number, which is called a jobid. Each new AutoUpgrade job produces a new job ID (jobid) for each database found in the configuration file for the AutoUpgrade utility. If AutoUpgrade detects that a database with a jobid that you previously started exists on your system is incomplete, then AutoUpgrade identifies this existing jobid as a resume operation. In a resume operation, stages of a job identified by a jobid that did not complete during the previous AutoUpgrade run are continued from the point where they were stopped.

Overview of AutoUpgrade Stages

AutoUpgrade utility jobs pass through a series of phases, called stages, during which specific actions are performed.

The actions that occur during a stage are defined by the processing mode that you select for AutoUpgrade: Analyze, Fixups, Deploy, and Upgrade.

AutoUpgrade has the following stages:

  • SETUP: The initial stage that the AutoUpgrade utility job manager creates as part of the preparation for starting a job.
  • PREUPGRADE: The stage in which AutoUpgrade performs checks of your system, based on your current system configuration to determine its readiness for upgrade, such as checking to determine if you have sufficient available disk space.
  • PRECHECKS: The stage in which AutoUpgrade analyzes your source Oracle Database to determine if the database meets the requirements for upgrade.
  • PREFIXUPS: The stage in which AutoUpgrade performs preupgrade fixups before starting the upgrade. For example, this is the stage in which AutoUpgrade gathers dictionary statistics on the Source Oracle Database.
  • DRAIN: The stage during which AutoUpgrade drains database sessions from the Source Oracle Database instance, in preparation for shutting down the listeners and the database. This stage is available on Windows systems as well as Linux and Unix systems.
  • DBUPGRADE: The stage in which AutoUpgrade performs the upgrade, and compiles any invalid objects that are found after the upgrade completes.
  • POSTCHECKS: The stage in which AutoUpgrade performs checks on the Target Oracle Database (the upgraded Oracle Database) before starting postupgrade fixups.
  • POSTFIXUPS: The stage in which AutoUpgrade performs processing of postupgrade fixups, such as upgrading the time zone.
  • POSTUPGRADE: The stage in which AutoUpgrade moves the Source Oracle Database configuration files to the Target Oracle Database configuration, and starts up the upgraded Oracle Database in the new Oracle home.

Overview of AutoUpgrade Stage Operations and States

In AutoUpgrade, operation describes actions performed during stages, and state indicates the status of a stage operation.

To identify the status of stage messages, review the message descriptions for operations and states.

Understanding Operation Messages

An operation is an internal phase message describing what is happening during an AutoUpgrade state. There are two operations messages.

PREPARING: An AutoUpgrade instance is being created, initialized, or called, in preparation for completing an AutoUpgrade stage. This is an information message. There is no action for you to perform.

EXECUTING: AutoUpgrade is in the process of performing the main workflow of a stage. This is an information message. There is no action for you to perform.

Understanding State Messages

States indicates the status of the current workflow of the stage for which the message is displayed. There are four state messages:

  • ABORTED: AutoUpgrade stopped performing the stage workflow, in accordance with a user request.

  • ERROR: An error was encountered while the stage workflow was being performed. Review the cause of the error.

  • FINISHED: AutoUpgrade successfully completed the workflow for the stage.

  • RUNNING: AutoUpgrade is performing the stage workflow.