About Dbupgrade Scripts and catupgrd.sql in Earlier Releases of Oracle Database

The function of the catupgrd.sql script is replaced by the Parallel Upgrade Utility, catctl.pl, and the dbupgrade and dbupgrade.cmd scripts.

In earlier releases of Oracle Database, the catupgrd.sql Upgrade Utility processed the upgrade. Starting with Oracle Database 12c release 1 (12.1), this script is replaced by the catctl.pl Parallel Upgrade Utility, and its command-line script, dbupgrade. The Parallel Upgrade Utility provides both parallel processing mode and serial modes.

The dbupgrade script calls catctl.pl to create and alter a set of data dictionary tables. The upgrade scripts also call catctl.pl to upgrade or install the following database components in the new Oracle Database 12c database:

  • Oracle Database Catalog Views

  • Oracle Database Packages and Types

  • JServer JAVA Virtual Machine

  • Oracle Database Java Packages

  • Oracle XDK

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters

  • Oracle Workspace Manager

  • Oracle Multimedia

  • Oracle XML Database

  • OLAP Analytic Workspace

  • Oracle OLAP API

  • Oracle Text

  • Oracle Spatial and Graph

  • Oracle Data Mining

  • Oracle Label Security

  • Messaging Gateway

  • Oracle Database Vault