Using Oracle GoldenGate for Online Database Upgrades

The continuous extraction and replication capabilities of Oracle GoldenGate can enable online upgrades of Oracle Database.


About Oracle GoldenGate and Online Database Upgrade

Using Oracle GoldenGate replication can simplify your upgrade by enabling you to carry out the upgrade online.

In an Oracle GoldenGate replication environment, you can perform an online database upgrade to the current release of Oracle Database. Using an Oracle GoldenGate replication environment minimizes database downtime during upgrading. Oracle GoldenGate is an excellent method to minimize downtime during planned maintenance, including application and database upgrades, in addition to platform migrations. Oracle GoldenGate is an Oracle product sold independently of Oracle Database for Oracle and third-party database management systems.

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Overview of Steps for Upgrading Oracle Database Using Oracle GoldenGate

Review these steps to understand how to upgrade Oracle Database using Oracle GoldenGate.

Upgrading to the new Oracle Database release using Oracle GoldenGate consists of the following high-level steps.

  1. Set up a standby database running the earlier database software release using an existing database backup.

  2. Upgrade the standby database to the new Oracle Database release.

  3. Synchronize the standby database with the production database.

  4. Test your environment in active/live mode.

  5. Switch over the application to the standby database.

  6. Carry out comprehensive testing of the new release on the standby database.

  7. Upgrade the primary database to the new Oracle Database release

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